The mission of the Friends of Bethlehem University in Ireland is to assist the students and faculty of Bethlehem University to achieve their full academic potential, recognising that the University provides higher education in the most difficult of financial and political circumstances.

FBUI assists Bethlehem University by establishing an academic co-operation programme with the Irish university world and thereby to assist in the overall development of the international programmes of all the universities involved. It has been established by the Friends of Bethlehem University in Ireland to provide a programme of visiting scholarships & fellowships to enable Bethlehem University staff make short visits out of Bethlehem to Irish universities, and conversely, to enable staff from Irish universities visit Bethlehem University in order, for example:

  • To promote the establishment of teaching, research and other academic co-operative links.
  • To explore opportunities for collaboration in student mobility under the European Union ERASMUS and other student oriented programmes.
  • To discuss the possibility for joint Masters or other degree programmes supported by the European Union.
  • To examine the various university administrative structures for such programmes as research development, e-learning, international development studies etc.

“I am very pleased with this excellent initiative of our friends in Ireland on behalf of Bethlehem University. I thank you for your generosity in supporting this most vital project. We need and appreciate your assistance. This project which will develop professional academic relationships between Irish universities and Bethlehem University is of great value to our staff and the students we are privileged to serve. I offer you prayerful gratitude and blessings from the Holy Land.”

Brother Daniel Casey, FSC, Vice Chancellor and CEO, Bethlehem University in the Holy Land.